Head Office

Gustav Neethling CFP®
Wealth Manager & Managing Director

BComm (Hons), Adv Post Dip (FP)

Gustav strongly believes that he can assist clients to live a life full of significance. He is passionate about wealth creation and focussed on using technology to deliver sustainable financial solutions.

In his spare time he loves doing gardening barefoot and is the best undercover chef you’ll ever meet.

Gustav is a Key Individual and Representative and has been in practice since April 2005. Gustav has passed both required Regulatory Exams (RE1 RE5).

Eric Stockenström
Wealth Manager & Director


Eric's vision is to assist clients in understanding their financial situation, building personal relationships and help them achieve their financial goals. 

He enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends, 4x4 adventures and playing golf.

Eric is a Representative and has been in practice since March 2006. Eric has passed his required Regulatory Exam (RE5).

Rigardt Potgieter
Risk Manager & Director

Financial Management

Rigardt believes that the small things in life matter and loyalty is essential. He is passionate about helping people and placing their needs first.

Family is a high priority for him and he strives to build friendships. In his spare time he loves fishing and playing golf with friends.

Rigardt is a Key Individual and Representative and has been in practice since March 2002. Rigardt has passed both required Regulatory Exams (RE1 & RE5). 

Estelle Smuts
Health Care Advisor & Director

BA (Hons), Post Grad Dip (FP)

Estelle is passionate about helping people and adding value to the lives of her clients. Her client-centric approach will give you peace of mind – knowing that your wellbeing is her priority

She enjoys spending time with her husband, friends and family.

Time well spent for her is discovering a new coffee shop or deli and enjoying a good book. Estelle is a Representative and has been in practice since October 2012. Estelle has passed her required Regulatory Exam (RE5). 

Andrew Potgieter
Risk Manager

Post Grad Dip (Management Practice)

Andrew is committed to service excellence. He strives to make a difference. Passionate about training and developing people.

With 30 years industry experience of which 7 years as a product trainer at Santam, he believes the only way to give advice and suggestions is to understand each business owner’s challenges and exposure towards their personnel, suppliers, customers and the public.

Short Term insurance is not just to insure assets. Peace of mind is to know that not just your assets is insured, but also your gross profit / income not forgetting all the liability aspects in line with legislation.

Andrew is a Representative and has been in practice since August 1986. Andrew has passed the required Regulatory Exam (RE5). 

JC Young
Wealth Manager

Higher Certificate in Financial Planning

As a professional financial planner, JC is effectively a personal trainer for your financial well-being. He is an avid sportsman that enjoys travelling and being outdoors.

JC is a Representative and has been in practice since July 1996. JC has passed his required Regulatory Exam (RE5).

Alan Hardaker CFP ®
Wealth Manager

Post Grad Dip (FP)

If there is one thing Alan learnt in his life it’s that anything is possible with the right planning and commitment. He knows this from personal experience and from having seen the transformation and relief in so many of his client’s lives.

Some of his life achievements have been to build and run a restaurant in the Karoo for a year and to climb Mount Aconcagua and Mount Kilimanjaro, with the goal of summiting the Seven Peaks.

Alan is a Representative and has been in practice since November 2010. Alan has passed the required Regulatory Exam (RE5). 

Janno van Zyl
Risk Manager

NQF 4 – Short term Insurance

Janno has a passion for Short term insurance and has been in the industry for more than 10 years. He enjoys the challenges and variety that every day brings with each client.

After hours he likes playing golf and watching rugby with friends. He is a representative and completed his RE5 regulatory exams. 

Nicole Fourie
Wealth Manager

Nicole believes that financial planning is bringing the future into the present by providing her clients with the ease of mind that their wealth will be protected at all costs.

Building a trusted relationship with her clients and connecting clients to their needs is very important to her. She is a big game hunter, and she enjoys playing the good old game of golf with her dad and friends. Nicole is a representative and has been in practice only recently. She is busy completing her Dip Admin as well as her Regulatory Exams.

Ruan Stander CFP®
Wealth Manager

BComm Financial Planning & Investment Management, Post Graduate Dip (FP)

Ruan is a highly energetic and motivated extrovert. He's got a passion for truly independent financial planning. He is very passionate about efficiency and have a constant drive to extensively leverage technology to improve efficiency, quality of service and client experience.

He is an avid reader and believe greatness and guidance can be found in books, both new and old. He believes it’s important to have a balance between work, family, exercise, and spirituality. He believes wisdom, drive and mindfulness makes a good leader and that good leaders make great companies.

Ruan is a Key Individual and Representative and has been in practice since 2014.

Ruan passed both Regulatory exams (RE1 & RE5) 

Hanno van Wyk
Wealth Manager

Post Graduate Dip (FP), MComm (SCM), Post Graduate Dip (Industrial Engineering)

Hanno is passionate about delivering comprehensive financial solutions, He is driven by a focus on efficient tax, estate, and wealth planning.

With a strong background in technology, he thrives on challenges and embraces innovative approaches to wealth management. Hanno's core objective is to ensure sustainable wealth for his clients while delivering exceptional service and an unparalleled client experience. 

Annelene Burger
Risk Manager

Regulatory Exam (RE5)

With more than two decades of experience in the financial services industry, Annelene comes with a wealth of experience in risk management.

She has managed to specialise in both personal- and commercial risk management in a number of industries by building quality relationships in the insurance fraternity. Her exceptional client-centered focus ensures that her business is built on loyalty and trust, backed by an incredibly efficient back-office support team.

Annelene is the mother of two energetic boys, wife to her businessman-husband of twenty years, and a loyal friend to many people.

She completed her RE5 Exams. 

Renaldo Brynard
Risk Manager

NQF 7 – Bachelors of Education

Renaldo is fairly new to the industry. Previously, he was a primary school teacher when he got an opportunity to be part of the Financial Emporium Team. What he likes about the industry is that every client is unique.

He is happiest when he can help clients with their insurance. In his free time, he loves to spend time with his family. He enjoys playing rugby and league touch rugby. He loves the thrill of driving a motorcycle. He also enjoys doing wood projects. 

Johann Fourie
Risk Manager

NQF 4 Short Term Insurance

Johann believes in delivering quality client service and advice. Protecting clients' assets is my nr 1 priority. When Johann is not working, he enjoys cooking supper for the family.

He is also part of Goodwood RFC management committee and spends his Saturdays running linesman and supporting his teams.

He has been in the industry since 2009 and is a representative. Johann has completed his RE5 exams. 

Tonderai Karakadzai
Wealth Manager

B.A(Hons) Accounting & Finance, MSc. Strategy Management

Tonderai is a dedicated financial professional with a profound commitment to empowering individuals and realising their aspirations.

He firmly believes in the pivotal role of wealth creation in fulfilling these aspirations and is adept at leveraging technology to serve traditionally underserved markets.

An avid explorer, Tonderai thrives on tackling new challenges and continuously seeks to expand his horizons. Outside of work, he finds solace in both leisurely pursuits and outdoor adventures with loved ones.

With a robust foundation in Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Strategy, Tonderai applies his expertise to develop streamlined and innovative solutions tailored to his clients' needs. As a certified representative who has completed the RE(5) Exam, he is well-equipped to guide clients toward sustainable financial success. 

Diaan Wiese
Wealth Manager

NQF8 – Bachelors Honors Degree

Driven by a genuine desire to make a positive impact, Diaan is dedicated to enriching the lives of his clients by providing sound financial advice and fostering long-term financial well-being.

Whether it's planning for retirement, managing investments, or optimizing financial portfolios, he is committed to empowering others to achieve their dreams and secure a brighter future. 

Mariska Cronje
Executive Personal Assistant

NQF 5 - Wealth Management

Mariska has a very good balance between work and personal life. She is living her passions every day.

Exceeding expectations is what she strives for on a daily basis and is always trying to improve herself and her work ethics. Her interests range from Hiking, Reading, Gardening and Photography. She is an animal lover and often do voluntary work at homeless shelters. 

Roelien Welgemoed
Executive Personal Assistant

Long-Term Course Training & RE5

Roelien follows the philosophy “Never leave till tomorrow that which you can do today” and incorporates it in her work as well as her personal life.

She thrives on assisting clients with her friendliness and compassion and going the extra mile to provide the best service possible.

In her spare time she enjoys graphic and multimedia design, music, discovering new and exciting places, travelling and exercising.

She also enjoys a good braai surrounded by friends and family. 

Malinda Visser
Executive Personal Assistant

Malinda is passionate about people and animals and their wellbeing in general. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, camping, motorbiking in the outdoors.

Sports: Martial arts, gym, walking. Hobbies: gardening,  cooking/braai, dancing, movies, music/shows

Monique Kruger
Executive Administrative Assistant

Short-Term Course Training

Monique loves the fast paced short-term industry, as she learns something new every day as well as the pleasure she experience after assisting a client with a claim.

She enjoys spending quality time with her husband and two dogs, watching movies, reading and going on hikes.

Monique has passed the required Regulatory Exam (RE5). 

Luandi Brand
Executive Administrative Assistant

Higher Certificate in Short Term Insurance

Luandi is friendly, hardworking and loyal. She has a passion for customer service and attention to detail.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, camping, arts and crafts and spending time with her family.

Luandi is a representative and has been in practice since 2002. Luandi has passed the required Regulatory Exams (RE5). 

Bernadette de Jager
Executive Administrative Assistant

Short-Term Course Training

Bernadette strives for a great client-assistant relationship and will always travel the extra mile to offer the best service.

Bernadette loves to spend time with her friends and family. She enjoys reading, baking and practicing her creative skills by painting, drawing and writing.

She relaxes by going on walks, picnics, yoga, gardening and spending time outdoors. 

Cathy Sherriff
Executive Administrative Assistant

NQF 5 – Economic and Management Science & RE5

Cathy has a passion for working with people, she loves interacting and will always give her best to ensure a task is completed.

Cathy loves hosting and entertaining friends and family. Time spend with family and friends is time well spent. She is a representative and completed her RE5.

Milka Weber
Administrative Assistant

Regulatory Exam (RE5)

Milka is relatively new to the industry, but she has had a passion for the insurance industry from a young age. She enjoys a challenge and is always looking for new learning opportunities to enrich herself.

She firmly believes in providing clients with the best possible service.

In her spare time Milka enjoys spending time with her two daughters, Isa and Joah, having a braai with family and friends and taking a walk on the beach at her favourite place, Stilbaai.

Milka has passed the required Regulatory Exam (RE5). 

Thobeka Gazu
Tax Assistant

Thobeka is passionate about resolving taxpayers’ issues, from the simplest tax enquiry to simplifying the most complex tax implications for the layperson.

A strong personal belief of his is that adding a human or personal touch to personal taxes is an excellent foundation for tax compliance.

He is a huge sports fan. Aside from that, he is also an avid chess player and music lover who enjoys exploring new genres and appreciating art in all of its forms. 

Washington Ndlovu
Tax Specialist

NQF8 – Bachelors Honors Degree Accounting

Washington has experience in banking prior to gaining his qualification in accounting. He has been working in tax and accounting for close to 8 years.

He has an honours degree in accounting and is about to complete his CIMA examinations. He likes reading in his free time. 

Ayesha September
Tax Specialist

NQF7 – Bachelors Degree

Ayesha is a tax specialist with an academic background in accounting and a passion for navigating the intricacies of the financial industry.

Taxes can be a significant source of stress for many, and she aims to alleviate that burden for our clients. Whether that’s looking for ways to be more tax efficient or simply dealing with the taxman on your behalf.

Outside of work, she finds solace in the simple pleasures of life. She loves enjoying some music, watching TV shows or reading a good book to relax. She also loves travelling, swimming, and doing fun activities with friends and family for a boost of energy! 

Lizette Müller
Financial Manager

NQF5 National Certificate in Banking

Lizette has a passion for financial services. She strives to be an organized and hardworking individual who is passionate about helping other people, giving them the best client service.

In her free time, she enjoys cooking, taking long walks and socialising with friends.

Lizette has passed the required Regulatory Exams (RE5). 

Somerset West Office

Herman Rossouw
Principal Partner & Risk Manager

Marketing Management

Herman is passionate about tailor made risk solutions, client service and going the extra mile.

He loves spending time with his family, and enjoys hiking and all outdoor activities.

Herman is a representative that has been in the insurance industry since 2000. Herman has passed the required Regulatory Exams (RE1 & RE5). 

Lauren Welgemoed
Executive Administrative Assistant

Short-term course training

Lauren places high value on accuracy, detail and thoroughness in her work.

She believes that with this approach our clients may have peace of mind that their short-term insurance is administered properly. She is passionate about personal growth and has a keen interest in communication skills and human interaction. In her spare time, she enjoys the privilege of being amongst loved ones and experiencing the wonders of creation. 

Penelope Titus
Administrative Assistant

Penelope is a dedicated individual with a strong interest in pursuing a career as a broker in the financial service industry.

She is currently working towards obtaining the necessary qualifications while gaining industry experience to excel in her role.

She describes herself as an open and honest person who aims to be fair in everything she does. In her spare time, Penelope enjoys freelance photography and videography. 

Tygervalley Office

Carlu Steenkamp
Principal Partner and Risk Manager

NQF5 Wealth Management

An aviation enthusiast with a passion for the skies, Carlu finds solace and exhilaration in flying planes, where every journey is a new adventure.

When not soaring above the clouds, he indulges in the finer things in life, savoring the complexities of wine as a connoisseur. Above all he cherishes precious moments with his family, fostering deep connections and treasured memories. In his professional life, he are driven by an unwavering commitment to client service, always willing to go the extra mile to exceed expectations

He is a representative and completed his RE5 regulatory exams. 

Erin Petersen
Administrative Assistant

NQF4 – Short Term Insurance

She believes in accuracy and paying attention to detail which translates to a successful relationship between Broker and Client.

She has been in the STI industry since 2004 starting as a tracing agent. She moved on to Loss Adjusting Admin and spent 3 years as a Quality Assurance Agent for the Sales Department where she gained her passion for the industry and learned that writing an accurate policy first time round prevent any complications in the event of a claim.

She qualified in the Hospitality Industry in 2002 and love trying new foods and recipes and experimenting in the kitchen in my free time with my kids. 

Wendy du Toit
Administrative assistant

Short term course training

She has been in the short-term insurance industry for 35 years. Her expertise entails assisting with administration on commercial insurance.

When assisting with a claim, she always finds it very gratifying to assist the client and have a positive outcome.  In her spare time, she creates paper art and enjoys watching movies.

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