Savings Plan

Most people find it very difficult to save, but you have worked very hard to earn a salary so pay yourself first. Saving seems impossible when your budget is already stretched to the limit.

%We face significant financial challenges everyday: paying our daily expenses, maintaining an enjoyable lifestyle, trying to cover all our debt – Savings is not even part of this equation, but once the habit is formed your life will never be the same again.

We will start with a conservative approach and then guide and build with you into an Investment Plan.

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Investment Plan

Portfolio construction is critical to achieve maximum returns and still keep volatility under control. Investment planning entails not only correctly choosing which investment vehicles to use but also using prudent asset allocation.

If it all sounds a bit Greek, do not worry, we are here to guide you in your journey to financial independence. We use various investment platforms and offer a wide range of investment options – always mindful of your risk profile, individual needs and long term objectives.

Let us help you create long term financial freedom by putting in place a sophisticated investment plan for you.

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Retirement Plan

Retirement - It's closer than you think. Yes, it is difficult to plan ahead for the distant future. We would much rather enjoy life to the fullest now and worry about retirement "later", right?

Unfortunately, reality has a bad habit of creeping up on us. At The Financial Emporium, we take special care in assisting you with the planning and calculations of how much you will have to save each month in order to reach your desirable retirement goals.

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Share Portfolio

Take your investment to the next level and join the elite investment community. Running an efficient portfolio of shares may seem frightening and very risky.

Determining the correct objectives and timeframes, diversifying against risk and monitoring your portfolio by reducing losses and rebalancing when necessary may seem like a full time job. You have to know your risk profile and construct your portfolio accordingly.

Let us help you by eliminating the stress and time a share portfolio requires and let years of experience and trusted methods guide your investments to see exceptional growth and build towards financial freedom.

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Property Portfolio

It is very important to remember that a property portfolio is not only an investment but a business from which a sustainable salary can be earned.

Become the next Donald Trump by leveraging other people’s money to grow and expand your property portfolio. A well structured property portfolio forms part of your retirement plan and continued savings (to fund further investments) with patience is the key to success.

Let us help you plan and execute a property portfolio that will reward you in the long run by maximizing returns while managing risks.

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Commodity Portfolio

"Don't put all your eggs in one basket" is a saying that illustrates the need for a diversified portfolio. A commodity portfolio is an up-and-coming alternative investment option to benefit from global demographics and natural resources.

Given the unique negative correlation between raw commodities and stocks and bonds, they can be advised to almost every long-term investment portfolio and can be used to hedge against inflation.

Let us help you to diversify your portfolio to reduce volatility and enhance yield.

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Crypto Portfolio

Cryptocurrencies and digital assets are the next generation of investable assets. The growing and rapidly changing landscape provides endless opportunities.

From Yield Farming to Decentralized Finance and even minting your own NFT (non-fungible token). The Financial Emporium will be the leader and at the forefront bringing this change to the retail market.

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Information Protection Policy

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Crypto-currencies and digital assets are currently not regulated financial products in South Africa. By investing in these assets you need to be aware that it falls outside the ambit of the FAIS Act and any regulatory oversight from the FSCA.

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