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  1. LOVE: Do you share our values and are you aligned with our purpose?
  2. GROWTH: Personal philosophy and mindset. Can you learn anything. Embrace your flaws, view failures as opportunities, see criticism as constructive, focus on growth and not outcomes and grow some grit?
  3. OCE – Obsessive Commitment to Excellence:  Work needs to be your creative output. We are creative beings. Do you undertake it with excellence?
  4. HUMBLE: Having a strong sense of self. Don’t need to control or dominate a situation. Take spotlight off yourself and shine on others; lead by example; take personal responsibility; admit your mistakes; ask questions; really listen; let people do their job (don’t manage); have a sense of humor?
  5. HUNGRY: Drive, desire, dominates your thoughts/feelings, obsessions?
  6. SMART:  People skills and emotional intelligence. Do you have empathy, intuitiveness and emotional awareness?
  1. EXTREME OWNERSHIP:  You are 100% responsibility. It’s YOUR fault! By what you did; by what you didn’t do; how you respond. Do you take personal responsibility on all levels?
  2. SPEED: Do you do it quick? Rapid responsiveness. Quick action. Decide, act and move on.
  3. COURAGEOUS: 4C’s – commitment > courage > capability > confidence. Do you put your ideas out there? Step out in front. Hold other also responsible. What you resist -> persists. What you step into -> dissipates.
  4. RELIABLE: Being responsible without having to follow up. Don’t overpromise. Proactively communicate. Start AND finish. Bring your best every day. Do you have pride?
  5. RESOURCEFUL: Change is inevitable. You just figure it out. Not scared to ask for help or break the rules?
  6. CONSISTENT: Staying committed to the cause long after mood leaves you?

We don’t advertise career opportunities. You force us to create one for you.

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Crypto-currencies and digital assets are currently not regulated financial products in South Africa. By investing in these assets you need to be aware that it falls outside the ambit of the FAIS Act and any regulatory oversight from the FSCA.

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